Sonolux - On Wall Speakers from Northern Finland.


Thank You for Your interest towards us. We are small, artisan-mindset driven Loudspeaker company from Oulu, Finland. We specialize to on-wall speakers, concentrate on quality over quantity and offer unique, handcrafted products from best possible materials.

Like you can see from our Products-Page, we’ve also done projects to others. If You are interested on OEM loudspeaker design and manufacturing, please get in touch!

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Sonolux Oy

Address: Teknologiantie 18 B OULU FINLAND

VAT-code: FI2460818-4

CEO: Mikko Sundman

Phone: +35840 5755 412


Sonolux History

Sonolux Oy as a company, was founded 2012, but has a bit longer history. Founder and CEO Mikko Sundman has a history in Audio Design for Mobile Industry. Sound quality, music making and loudspeaker building had been his passion for many years. Back in 2009, in front of a local hi-fi shop in Malmö, Sweden, idea about design -friendly high-end speakers suddenly emerged. One year later, Mikko took some time off from Mobile products, concentrating to loudspeakers as a business. Six years later (and counting), this “break” continues still to date.

Together with group of experts with various backgrounds, Mikko and his team create products that combine modern Scandinavian design and high-end sound into one. Instead of mass-manufacturing, each product is hand-crafted and boutique -assembled, in quantities of tens of units. We specialize on on-wall speakers and try to answer following question with every product we offer:

Why loudspeakers need to be visible, when I am not listening music?

This is why each product has other uses than just sound. Take Bebop 2 as an example – it has built-in wall light. Bebop 2 can also be tailored with a cloth cover, making it into a design element. With these features, Bebop 2 can complement your interior perfectly.

Rest assured, each Sonolux product is unique, like You.

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