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About company Sonolux

Thank You for Your interest towards us. Sonolux, founded 2012, is a small, artisan-mindset driven Loudspeaker company from Oulu, Finland. We specialize to on-wall speakers, concentrate on quality over quantity and offer unique, handcrafted products from best possible materials.


Sonolux Bebop wall mounted speaker pair (factory overstock)

Sonolux Bebop combines high-end loudspeakers, ambient light and design element into one product. Each product is hand crafted and tailored as according to Your decor needs.

Originally released in 2013, Bebop on wall speaker was a product that we sold through retailers in our home country, Finland. Now replaced by Bebop 2 at our retailers, we have a small Bebop 1 stock left. This is Your opportunity to get yourself a great, hand-crafted on wall speaker, with 1000€ less than Bebop 2!


  • Please note that Sonolux Bebop production has been ended and there are only limited amounts available, directly from us.
  • Each Sonolux Bebop on-wall speaker pair is hand-built in Finland, and tailored according to the order. Cabinet is (currently still) available in four colors, assembled and ready on stock. We dispatch the speaker pair in 5 business days, delivery takes 1-14 days, depending on Your location.
  • Delivery is free, to anywhere in Europe. Clients outside Europe, please contact us prior buying.
  • Tailored cloth cover (included in price) will be done according to your requests. After receiving Your order, we will send You an email template, to help you to select the cloth cover. Please expect delivery up to 4 weeks from the order.
Bebop on-wall speakers: part of your interior

Our customers enjoy great sound but are not willing to compromise on the design. At Sonolux we go to extremes to deliver both. The Bebop Custom on-wall speakers were developed so you can create speakers that match your interior design ideas.


Bebop adapts to your interior – make it stand out or have it disappear

Whether you are looking to complete the interior of a lounge, living room, hall or restaurant, the end result depends on all elements inside the space adding to the whole. Whereas off-the-shelf speakers can be difficult to fit in, your own Bebop Custom designer speakers fit in seamlessly. Because Bebop speakers are handmade from real wood, each Bebop is unique.

We offer four different finishes for the speaker cabinet: birch, dark walnut, black and white. We also allow you to pick a custom wire. There are too many options to list here, but you can see them all in our online store. The final customisation option we provide is a fabric cover of your choice. In our selection we have only included those fabrics that have the right acoustic properties. Alternatively, you may choose to leave the Bebop without a cloth cover to expose its craftsmanship.


Sonolux Bebop on wall speaker -galleries

This is where it all started. Back in late 2012 / early 2013, we announced our first product. In Bebop on-wall speaker, integrated ambient light and design element all combine in one, high end design product. It was received well by our clients and local dealers and received positive feedback by local media.

In these galleries, we have collected various promo photo-shoots, taken from Sonolux Bebop . Over the years, we have have done various installations and demo setups from Bebop, to give you a better idea on how to integrate them to Your home.

A Bebop for all seasons – new cover, new look


Fashion changes and tastes evolve over time. Because the fabric cover is easy to replace, it is easy to keep your Bebop in sync with the rest of your decoration. Research has shown that in Finland the average lifespan of a speaker is 18 years – no surprise then that during a speaker’s lifespan fashion changes. Bebop speakers have been designed from the start to last. We cut no corners, only use the best components and our evolving selection of fabric covers ensures your Bebop is always in fashion.

Birch Plain





Lauritzon Leaves










Bebop sets the right mood – with light and sound.


The Bebop also provides indirect lighting. The light of the LEDs that are integrated in the back of the speaker cabinet gently reflect off the wall. This makes the speakers look great in combination with a video entertainment system and may – depending on the surroundings – attract attention or help enhance the overall mood of the room.

The designer of the Bebop? You.

Bebop, quality hi-fi speakers


For decades now speaker design has been rather conservative because of the belief that only a traditionally shaped speaker can deliver the right sound. This belief is false. From an audio engineer’s perspective the Sonolux Bebop was an interesting project. The Bebop was designed to deliver outstanding sound as an on-wall speaker with or without a speaker cloth cover. Naturally all fabrics were tested for their acoustic properties. Bebop’s key acoustic feature is that it has “wide dispersion”, or in layman’s terms: the Bebop produces an even sound across the room. More traditional speakers direct the sound towards a specific sweet spot in the room. If as the listener you are not in the sweet spot, the sound is off. Because the Bebop disperses the sound evenly across the room, it does not matter where you are, the sound always retains it full quality. An added bonus is that the speaker can be mounted vertically or horizontally without a loss of quality. Simply place the speaker where it looks good, without having to compromise on sound quality!


Bebop produces an even sound across the room

The acoustic design guarantees an even sound across the room. Whether you are sat on the edge of the couch, the head of the table, moving about or lying down, the sound quality or pitch will not change. With Bebop you need fewer speakers to fill a large space evenly with sound.



Thanks to Bebop’s acoustic design you have more freedom when choosing the ideal speaker installation location. The ideal positioning for the speakers is to create an equilateral triangle between listener and both Bebop speakers. In other words: position your Bebops so they are an equal distance from each other and from the listener. If possible, position the speakers symmetrically with surfaces (i.e. walls, floor, roof) relative to the speaker and listener. The installation height of the speaker can be chosen freely. Even above the line of sight of a standing person. For instance when positioning the speakers next to a TV, the best result is obtained ensuring an imaginary horizontal line connects the middle of both speakers and the middle of the TV.


Sonolux Bebop 1 technical specifications:

Dimensions (W x H x D)

45 cm x 60 cm x 8,2 cm


8 kg


wall mount with screw, horizontal or vertical installation

Colour finishes

Lacquer: birch and dark walnut, paint: black and white

Fabric suppliers

Koskenpää felt, Gabriel, Laurintzon’s, Woodnotes

Principle of operation

two way, bass-reflex, d’Appolito


Seas 1” aluminium dome with DXT lens


Scan-Speak 2 x 5,25” ; specifically designed for Sonolux with composite cone

Rated impedance

8 ohms

Crossover frequency

1550 Hz, second order low pass, third order high pass


90 dB (2,83V, 1m)

Power handling

100 W

Recommended amplifier

40-150 W

Frequency Response (without cover)

65 Hz – 20 kHz (+-6dB)

LED AC adaptor

12V 2A DC

Please note:

Sonolux Bebop 1 can be installed both horizontally and vertically. 

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