Sonolux Bebop Galleries

This is where it all started. Back in late 2012 / early 2013, we announced our first product. In Sonolux Bebop, on-wall speaker, integrated ambient light and design element all combine in one, high end design product. It was received well by our clients and local dealers and received positive feedback by local media. But as there are always things needing evolution, Bebop was replaced by it’s successor, Bebop 2 in 2015.

As there are still plenty of loving fans to this great product and we still install new pair occasionally, we decided to collect all pictures we have, under these galleries.

If You find one You like, we would appreciate a lot if You share the picture through Your favourite social media!

Sonolux Bebop – Petteri Löppönen Photoshoot (March 2013)

During Spring 2013, Sonolux was preparing to release of our first on-wall speaker model, Bebop. For this purpose, Petteri Löppönen from Lumo Image spend few days in his studio, preparing a great set of pictures.

These pictures show some of the visual possibilities Bebop has – there are no fewer than 16 000 different possibilities for the outlook of Bebop!

To top it all, Petteri also prepared a short video about the photo shoot session. Enjoy!

Sonolux Bebop on wall speakers – Photoshoot by Mikko Törmänen

During Summer 2012, while preparing the official launch of our first ever on wall speaker product, we invited very talented Mikko Törmänen to take us some pictures. These great shots present Bebop’s LED light feature, as well as interchangeable cloth covers.

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