Sonolux Bebop 2 on-wall speakers

Say Hello to Bebop 2


On-wall speaker with a Design Twist.


Bebop 2 saves You desk space ...

Complements Your interior without dominating it ...

... and brings ambience through wall light and cloth covers.

Sonolux Bebop 2


Unique, Like You Are.


The second speaker model of Sonolux from Oulu Finland, is a Tour de Force, where no compromises are done at quality of materials or workmanship.

Hifimaailma -magazine 4/2015

Sonolux Bebop 2 is our current flagship product. In it, on-wall speaker with a high end sound, wall light and stunning design all combine into one. Iteration from it’s predecessor, Bebop 2 provides a joy and delight for all the senses.

Bebop 2 speakers use Finnish Birch Plywood, known for it’s great acoustical properties. Likewise, from speaker drivers to all components, all are carefully chosen to allow You a truly high-end sound experience, regardless of your music taste.

Designed and hand-built in Finland, each Bebop 2 is tailored to be unique, like You are.


Sonolux Bebop 2 on-wall speaker details

Sonolux Bebop 2 on-wall speakers are intended to home use, where decor friendly outlook is considered equally important than sound quality. Additionally, You can use them in public places like restaurants, cafeterias or small clubs.

Bebop 2 is so called “Passive Speaker” -meaning You will need a separate amplifier to it. Typical good quality amplifier from 50W to 150W will work nicely.

Please note Bebop 2 is no means small, at 60cm x 45cm x 8,2cm it is able to play even the deepest tones flawlessly and is not afraid at louder volumes!

Bebop 2 on-wall speakers are currently available in three cabinet finishes; Maple, Walnut and Painted White (available Q4/2015). In all of them, side of the speaker will show the Birch plywood, which is used as a speaker cabinet material. On top of it, You can select a tailored wool-cloth cover; available in 31 different colors.

Sonolux keeps Bebop 2 cabinets, assembled, on stock. Therefore, delivery time for your Speakers is about one week, depending on Your location. Cloth covers will be tailored according to Your needs and will be delivered afterwards.

Fabric we use, is Interglobe Wool 2 from Gabriel. You can find more details here.

Finally, Bebop 2 has an integrated ambient light -feature. With a LED-strip around the speaker, You can add up some indirect light to Your room. Obviously, there is a light switch, integrated.

Because of light, Bebop 2 requires a special 4-wire cable: 2 pins for the music and 2 for the 12V DC Voltage, supplied to LED, through connectors at the back.

To make wiring a snap, we include DC adapter and a surface-mount adapter with the sales package. For in-wall cabling, we offer You a custom made 4-pin cable in our webshop.

Sonolux Bebop 2 on-wall speaker technical specifications:


Please note:

While Sonolux Bebop 2 on-wall speaker can be installed both horizontally and vertically, Sonolux recommends vertical installation on audio-critical situations. 

Cabinet operation principle:
Crissover point:
Typical on-wall frequency response:
Power recommendation:
Measurements (h x w x d):
Recommended installation height:

Included Accessories:

Passive 2-way for on-wall installation
1″ textile cone with a DXT waveguide
2 x 5,25″ Custom driver with a coated Paper cone
2,1 kHz
89 dB
65 – 20000 Hz
30 – 150 W
597 x 450 x 82 mm
9 Kg each
Center of the tweeter 90 cm – 160 cm from floor

Tailored Cloth cover, done as according to client wishes.

Cable Surface installation adapter

12V DC Power Adapter for LED lights

Sonolux Bebop 2

On-wall speaker
3490 € /pair, including VAT
  • Each Sonolux Bebop 2 on-wall speaker pair is hand-built in Finland, and tailored according to the order. Cabinet is available in two colors, assembled and ready on stock. We dispatch the speaker pair in next business day, delivery takes 1-14 days, depending on Your location.
  • Tailored cloth cover (included in price) will be done according to your requests. After receiving Your order, we will send You an email template, to help you to select the cloth cover. Please expect delivery 4 weeks from the order.
  • Sonolux Bebop 2 is available in various web shops and local retailers.
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