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To re-capture some of the action happened, I think it might make sense to do a short introduction of myself (author) and the company. My name is Mikko Sundman, I am the entrepreneur and CEO of Sonolux Oy. Although Sonolux employs only myself, there are large amount of other people, that participate into the coordinated effort through their own companies. Thus I use word “we” – meaning us all involved now and in past – to whom all I am eternally thankful.

Founded 2012, Sonolux strives to create the best on-wall speakers, or wall mounted speakers, in the world.

Not the most popular, not the most bang-for-the-buck, neither the most eccentric design. The Best.

But what does “the best” mean, if it’s not the things mentioned above? What are the visions of Sonolux and how far from the goal are we now?


Mikko Sundman, CEO and Entrepreneur of Sonolux Loudspeakers, is taking a rest during Habitare Interior Fair 2012 preparations.

The values and vision of Sonolux

During fall 2016, following values were updated to be the guiding line of Sonolux Oy:

Ethical operation and well-being of employees and partners

Sonolux Oy is a small local business. Despite we have clients in many countries, in the end, it all boils down to a small Workshop in town of Oulu, Finland. And other small workshops around, providing the parts. According to our estimates, over 80% of all parts and labor come from Finland and over 90% from EU. This allows us to avoid unnecessary strain to nature and ensure all work is done in humane conditions by people who love their work.

Therefore we can guarantee Sonolux on wall speakers are 100% ROHS lead free, 100% ethically manufactured and 100% full of passion!

High quality, long lifetime of the products and customer satisfaction

Each Sonolux on-wall speaker is hand-manufactured from scratch. We use machining where it makes sense, but most of the products are very hand labor intensive. Extensive amount of design and research ensures the quality of our products. Take Bebop 2 for example; an iteration from it’s predecessor, completely re-designed from scratch, has taken us several years worth of work to design and turn into a sell-able product.

Our products are rooted in Finnish nature and its arctic soundscape. All products we hand craft from real wood, tailored each according to client needs. Instead of mass-manufacturing, each product is hand-crafted and boutique -assembled, in quantities of tens of units. Each of our speakers are Unique, like You are.

This all because according research, an average life-time of a hi-fi loudspeaker is about 18 years. We want to support that. Thus we design every product we make to last 20+ years and to get you started, we give you 5 Year Warranty.

The definition of “the Best”

In beginning of this article, I made the bold claim of stating, that we aim to make “the best on-wall speakers in the world.” In what sense?

The Best Sounding on wall speakers

Rest assured, on-wall speakers can sound as good as traditional freestanding hi-fi speakers – if a bit different. Not worse, nor better, different. This is related to laws of physics which needs to be taken account in design phase. This is why Sonolux is on-wall specialist – we put all our efforts to making best possible sound from wall mounted loudspeakers.

Further, our definition of “Best Sounding” is:

Best-in-class stereo imaging from a wall mounted speaker

Despite Sonolux products cannot be tilted towards the listener, the direct sound of drivers will reach to the ears of the listener. This is due acoustic solutions we use and the tweeter’s DXT lense provided by Seas of Norway. As outcome, Sonolux products radiate extremely evenly to whole room, with no sweet spot. This allows you to experience best-in-class stereo image, very even sound stage, regardless of where you are in a room.

Well extended low-frequency playback

Amount of bass is very personal thing to a listener. Depending on Your preference, Sonolux products may or may not provide enough bass. What we can promisde, though, is that all Sonolux products go surprisingly low compared to size, and do it without over-emphasizing the lowest frequencies. Philosophy behind my design is to provide neutral sound, taking the wall into account. If You wish more “oomph” – that can be easily added with a subwoofer. Most good quality subs couple with Sonolux products very well.

The Best in Interior Friendly Design

Our search to find great sounding and design friendly speakers was the spark to found our company. We are audio professionals that live for music. Our team is completed by designers, craftsmen/craftswomen and experts in various fields. Together we made the speakers that we want to use in our own living room.

With every product we make, we try to answer following question with every product we offer:

Why loudspeakers need to be visible, when I am not listening music?

This is why each product has other uses than just sound. Take Bebop 2 as an example – it has built-in wall light. Bebop 2 can also be tailored with a cloth cover, making it into a design element. With these features, Bebop 2 can complement your interior perfectly.

Sonolux Bebop 2 on wall speakers - Ambient Light

The Best in Customer Support

During first years of Sonolux, customer support was easy. We sold most of the speakers locally to Oulu and Finland. I did personally install most of the speakers we sold. Now, as The Best Dealers in Finland sell our products, we have achieved more or less all that can be achieved in here, and reach to You, located somewhere in Europe or World.

But how would we providing You the same hands-on experience? For that, I would need your help:

I would love to hear from You. Please leave Your comments below, or contact us to give us Feedback!


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